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Healthier way of life/ eating disorder recovery
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This is a community for those wishing to change their life in a more healthy direction. Mainly for eating disorder recovery also for anyone who generally wants to become more healthy. This is a community for support, advice, and sharing of both defeats and accomplishments.

You dont belong here if you have an eating disorder and enjoy it/want it/aren't trying to recovery or aren't thinking about recovery.
You're a "dieter" constantly looking for the next thing to help you lose weight.

You do belong here if your serious about changing your life in a more healthy and positive direction, are trying to recover from an eating disorder or are contemplating recovery.

Some Basic Rules
1) Be respectful to members
2) Dont talk about negative behaviors such as fasting, purging, binging, over exercising, cutting out food groups, ect in a positive light. People trying to recover may be reading this and find it triggering, also this is a community about health and these are not healthy behaviors.
3) Be active and promote in your lj if you dont mind :] !

(you dont have to do this, take out/include else you want)
Basic Intro:
Why you joined, what you're looking for:
Have any goals?
Anything you'd like to add:

A little about yourself:

1) Search through your house and see how many healthy things you can find.
2) Search through your house and see how many unhealthy things you can find.

Ideas for Posting
Plans, exercise/eating
What you've been doing eating wise and exercise wise
Exercise information
Articles relating to exercise/eating disorder recovery/nutrition/health
Anything that has to do with your accomplishments/what you want to improve on dealing with other aspects of your health other than physical (social, mental, emotional, spiritual)
Nutrition information
Food information
Nutrition/Exercise Questions
General talk of how your doing